Sunday, October 6, 2013

Homework Club and Other Incentives

It's hard to believe we are already several weeks into the school year now. Generally, I have a hard time getting the entire class to turn in their homework, so this year I decided to try something new! I have two incentives for students to do/turn in their homework: Homework Bingo and Homework Club.

When students turn in their homework on time, they get to write their name on two squares. If they can return it by Friday they can write their name on one square. At the end of the week I will draw one space and whoever is in that space gets a special prize. So far it's working fantastically! 

To reward students who have turned in their homework every week in a month, they get to stay in the "Homework Club" and have lunch in the classroom on the last day of the month. All but 3 students were able to stay in the Homework Club for the month of September! 

As an incentive for students to make good choices, they can get a "Gotcha" for being safe, respectful, and responsible. So another fun thing I'm doing this year is offering a monthly prize for getting caught doing these things. When students get a "Gotcha" they put their name on it and place it in a special jar. At the end of the month, I pull 1-3 out to win the monthly prize. 

For the month of September I had three excited students who got to have one of these little magnetic bendy guys :) I would love to post a picture of their happy faces, but I need to get permission first. Stay tuned for an update :)