Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hello Everyone! It's about time I post something on this blog I was going to keep up on ;) Part of my draw to writing a blog was being able to post pictures. However, there is some kind of block that has kept me from posting pictures.

It has been a great couple of months and there are many things that have been happening in the classroom. Last week we had a terrific Halloween party! Thank you to everyone who helped with refreshments, costumes, etc.

This week students finally filled in their reward chart for good behavior. The prize was a "mystery" so when they finally filled in that last square, we had cookies, milk, and watched a movie during the last half an hour of the day yesterday. Everyone was very excited and when they got their cookies and milk said, "Thank you Mrs. Pope" without prompting. I was impressed at how polite they were! You have raised such great children. We voted on our next prize which will be having lunch in the classroom!

Next week is a three day week and conferences start on Friday! See you all very soon!

Update: Since I can now post pictures, here's one of our next reward :)

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